Q&A: Is it healthier to roll my own cigarettes?

Question by Flashback78: Is it healthier to roll my own cigarettes?
I’ve started rolling my own cigarettes using a filter. I was wondering if there is any factual data to either support or dismiss the claim that smoking hand rolled cigarettes with a filter is a healthier choice.

Everything I could find online referred to filter less hand rolled cigarettes.
Thank you all very much for your answers so far. My question was not if smoking filtered hand rolled cigarettes was healthy. I asked for a comparison between a mass produced store bought cigarette versus one that I roll myself using a filter with roughly the same amount of tobacco.

Please refrain from pointing out the obvious fact that smoking is unhealthy or that I should just quit instead. I fully understand the health risks involved. I am simply looking for factual information regarding filtered hand rolled cigarettes.

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Answer by JavaJoe
Cigarettes aren’t healthy no matter how you look at them. And fliterless cigarettes are the worst.

If you want healthy, don’t smoke. It’s that simple.

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One thought on “Q&A: Is it healthier to roll my own cigarettes?

  1. It’s healthier for you NOT to smoke, at all. What’s the difference dying two years later? You just have to live with cancer longer.

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